A ride in the snow: Walkaround video of Citywave 5G Electric Bike in the snow

One of our best electric bikes. Citywave 5G offers a lot more than the ordinary electric bikes. Custom built here in the UK, Citywave 5G understands the commute requirements and performs to highest standards. This Citywave 5G in the video is equipped with our winter kit. Keeps the bike ready for any weather. Citywave 5G […]

Forest Views!

If you live in the New Forest, then you are very lucky to be able to cycle to such beautiful areas! Like this one, only a 10 minute ride down the road.😁 Lockdown may be tough and we’re all finding it hard. But when you have an E-Bike and you’re able to travel to places […]

Stunning Views!

Another fantastic ride today from our demo tester Alec from Ringwood, Dorset. He had this to say… “What a beautiful place to live and a perfect area for riding this fantastic E-Bike. 😁 Could not go back to a normal bike after trying this one. I will definitely be looking at buying one. Comfortable, easy […]

50 Electric Bikes - First Customers

Our First Customers: The perfect pair of electric bikes

OUR FIRST CUSTOMERS THE PERFECT PAIR OF  ELECTRIC BIKES FOR  THE PERFECT COUPLE Today was a great day at 50 Electric Bikes as our first customers Neil & Jane visited our premises to collect the first production models 001 & 002. When we set out to design the perfect all round electric bike, it was for […]

Electric Bikes with 30% Grants and when are the Government Incentive Schemes available?

50 Electric Bikes are delighted with the new long-term advocacy goal of the Bicycle Association to help with the initiation of an e-bike incentive scheme, which is moving towards implementation as we speak. This Dft Statement mentions Electric Bikes and provides us with some extra details and is quoted saying the following: “There is also […]