Should I order now to receive the Best Electric Bike in 2022?

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Order your electric bike now to receive in 2022. The bikes are being built and we are facing high demand. Book your bike now to receive in 2022.
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Should I order now to receive the Best Electric Bike in 2022?

Yes, if you would like to receive an Electric Bike in 2022 you should order right now because supply will be limited for all brands this coming season.

After a challenging 24 months for every business we finally feel that as a nation and locally we are turning a corner with things opening up again at long last. During these times we have all had to learn to be patient and take things as they come.

With everyone in business today dependant on supply chains and resources from overseas it has been exhausting to source all the parts neccasary to build the best ebikes at a competitive price. But we are almost there, with stock now flowing for us to deliver limited supplies throughout the year of 2022. Please be sure to order early as all of our bikes are built to order and during these times there are bound to be unexpected delays and it only takes one part to hold up the whole production line.

We have different delivery times on different models and bike builds so just fill in a contact form to ask us how quickly we can deliver your bike build or if you have a planned trip then please order well in advance.

There will be a low supply next year of ALL electric bikes and other goods so expect prices to rise, which is mainly due to demand over the last 24 months, increased shipping costs and hold ups of key components such as those from Shimano or Bosch and even raw Aluminium to make frames.

Each of our bikes are hand-made and built to order. We have found that it is our flexibility that our customers really like with the ability to offer a bespoke service and offer individuals an electric bike built for their personal needs.

Our Core models listed on the website are what we find to be the best ebike set ups around from 20 years experience of riding electric bikes from the first ever Honda Step Compo to the latest Brose TF Speed motor.

These bikes cover 90% of what most people will need from an electric bike but there is always that circumstance where sometimes a customer would usually have to compromise. This is where we like to help out and use our expertise and workshop to refine the perfect bike for you.

We have done the hard work for you, by deciphering all the electric bike technology and systems out there so you do not have to, or stress that you are buying the best valued ebike that money can buy. We bring to the market the finest combination of Motor, Gears and Transmission altogether to build the perfect bike that is built just for you here in sunny Loughborough.

Take Mrs King for example who ordered one of our Allwave Speed models to use off road and to take Rufus & Rory for rides around the local countryside. The terrain is quite slippy with a lot of loose stones and muddy trails. For this special build we decided to fit larger forks, 24″ Motorcross wheels and 3″ tyres to create the ultimate offroad comfort machine that would ensure that Mrs King and her two treasures would not slip whilst riding through the Rother Valley which is right on Mrs Kings doorstep.

This year we have delivered just over 100 Electric Bikes and have learnt so much in that time. We have put this knowlwedge to good use to improve everything we do. When you buy an electric bike from us we want you to have the best experience an ebike can offer making sure that it is powerful enough to get you up any hills, reliable enough for your daily commute and well specified for the price.

It has been undoubtedly the toughest trading conditions that I have ever known but at the same time the most rewarding, as we battle each day with externalities that would usually be a breeze to deal with could take weeks and sometimes even months.

The value of each bike now is unprecedented and you would be wise to order as early as possible. If you would like to get your hands on a top of the range ebike at a reasonable price early next year in Spring then please make sure you reserve yours giving us a reasonable lead time to make your bike. If you are not sure which bike is best for your or require a particular requirement then please fill out the form on our contacts page or request a call back and someone will contact you shortly after or certainly within 24 hours.

Remember keep on riding, keep on movin’ and push yourself to go further and faster each day.

Scott Snaith

50 Electric Bikes CLC

Scott Snaith

Scott Snaith

Electric Bike Advocate and Business Owner
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