Brose Motors: Why they’re the best for Electric Bikes

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Brose is the leading automotive manufacturer of electric bike motors, based in Germany, with operations running in over 23 countries and over 40 electric-bike manufacturing partners worldwide. Brose motors and drives have an incredible power range which allows them to make e-bikes capable enough to be the ideal choice for tasks ranging from mountain hikes to gliding effortlessly through heavy traffic in urban areas.

Our electric bikes are hand built here in the UK and each of our models are built to your individual needs by our expert mechanics.

Our e-bikes are designed with the customer in mind and all components are specifically chosen to enhance the customer’s experience and to love their e-bike even more.

Therefore, when it comes to motors to power our e-bikes we knew we needed the best and that’s why we chose to install Brose Motors into all our e-bikes.

Brose Motors: Engineering Excellence

With over 110 years of German engineering experience, Brose motors have successfully transferred their electric motor knowledge in the automotive industry over to the electric bikes market.

Brose motors use cutting edge engineering and integrate both the motor and the battery into the frame. Their mid-drive motors sit between the front and the rear wheels thus leading to increased stability and safety.

The quieter belt drive and smooth motor assistance are considered the signature features of Brose motors. Considered to be one of the best globally, Brose motors can efficiently deliver a broad range of power and natural feeling smooth ride due to its quality internal belts that also deliver noise-less performance.

Electric Bike Motor Specifications

Here at 50 Electric Bikes we use 2 versions of Brose motors. On our City Wave 5G e-bike we use the Brose T model which has 75 Nm torque. All Brose motors are small in size, measuring just 213 x 150 x 128mm and weigh just 2900g. All versions also have 250W power and 36V, giving a quiet yet powerful boost.

The main difference in the 2 motors we use, is torque. Our Allwave 11G e-bike, the Trekking 11G and the Trekking Speed all use the Brose S drive model which has up to 90Nm torque. This powerful motor makes mountain biking a breeze, taking inclines and rough terrain in its stride. 90Nm torque is industry-leading and puts Brose ahead of other manufacturers such as Bosch, Yamaha, and Impulse. The 90 Nm is so powerful it can support your effort by up to 410 per cent.

All Brose motors are quiet as well as powerful and MBR puts them ahead of their competitors again in terms of noise levels as well as power.

We are not the only e-bike manufacturer who chooses to use Brose motors, one of the largest e-bike manufacturers, Specialized, uses them too and their bikes are almost double the price of ours!

Take a look at our e-bike options and contact us to arrange a demo ride so you can feel the power of the Brose motor first hand and understand why it really is the best motor brand out there.  Or watch the test ride of our Citywave 5G with the Brose T motor below.

Citywave 5G with Brose T Perfomance Motor Test

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