How to ride an Electric Bike with hub gears out of the box – Trekking 11G

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The Trekking 11G is suitable for city riding as well as mountaineering with it’s top-of -the-range Brose S motor.

Detailed video walkthrough of using the gears on Trekking 11G

Here we take a look at the Trekking 11G and how to technically change gears when using a high torque motor.

A lot of people have trouble adapting to hub gears when using derailleurs all their lives. Especially with a high torque motor, we find it is mechanically best and easy on all parts to kick back quarter of a step and let the motor’s torque pull you up the hill like a wild horse wanting to make ground.

Crank drive, hub gears with wide range and high torque motor with belt why would you own anything else?

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  • £1,795 Buy Now
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50 Electric Bikes

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