The Sun is out and the birds are tweeting, you can hear everything on my new ebike๐Ÿšด๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿš€

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Our customers are loving their electric bikes. Been telling us and sending us pictures of their bikes. We hope you find these pictures beautiful and get in touch with for an amazing new electric bike built here in the UK.

We at 50 would like to wish you well and hope you are getting through lockdown just fine.

It has been an interesting year to say the least and we at 50 electric bikes have been extra busy pulling all the elements together in order to build the best electric bike for you, this season.

As you may know the doors were closed to 50cycles two years ago and the assets were brought out by 50 electric bikes which has been developing its own range of electric bikes during this time to better serve its future customers here in the UK.

We have not been trading apart from a few of the assets in the form of electric bikes that we brought from the former 50cycles and listed on eBay. Including the database of customers which is why you may still continue to get our emails. So please feel free to unsubscribe if you are no longer interested in receiving news about our electric bikes.

Since April 1st 2021 we opened our doors again to the public as a manufacturer of electric bikes and as aย  commonlaw business to serve our customers.

For your information we phased out over the last 2 years any dealings with the various brands that were carried by the former 50cycles. Therefore we can no longer obtain parts for those bikes sold previously but there should be further representation in the UK if you check the dealer map of those individual brands.

Continued forever service was one of the main reasons we decided to build our own electric bikes after pioneering the market in 2003 with our grey imports from Japan and then onto distributing Kalkhoff for nearly 10 years and now still motivated to bring you the best omnipresent range of electric bikes to the UK market.

We believe our current range of electric bikes represent excellent value for money for the set up and combination compared to any other brands on the market. It is very difficult to obtain good stock from any supplier we found even when ordering 12 months in advance and I would say will be near impossible by the summer to find an ebike.

We are not as big a company as we use to be and have no aspirations to open any more stores or make more than 50 bikes a month as we would like to maintain the luxury of managing the business rather than it managing us.

So there will be a cut off point each month when we reach 50 units. This is our capacity and we will not look to exceed this until we have mastered the fine art of getting bikes delivered perfectly the same week that you order.

This range of bikes has been designed to be as maintenance free as possible and only conventional parts used on all the models that you should be able to get fitted anywhere in the world. We now no longer need to rely on tardy suppliers for months on end to get parts as before. You will not need to bring the bike back to us for a service but anyone that owns one of our bikes will be welcome to bring their bike in for a check over with our professional mechanics to make sure everything is tight and set up correctly.

Because we are a small company now it would be appreciated if you could only contact us with regards to bike sales as we are building a service department from scratch to cater for the bikes we have sold and delivered since April 1st 2021 as we can only physically deal with our own branded bike sales now.

We are not running the trade in service this season as we now need to focus on building bikes, however we always have an open mind and may always except one for our collection, spares or resale, so please feel free to drop us a line and we can take a look on an individual basis.

Now for the exciting news this week is that our first electric bikes were built and either delivered or collected by our customers. You can take a look and see what our new customers have said so far.

Throughout winter we have had an introductory price on our website as customers had to wait quite a while but by the end of the month we will be able to offer a much shorter delivery times so the price will increase on 1st May 2021 by around 5%.

Also a lot of our customer buy in pairs and we do understand that can be quite an outlay so our offer will remain that if you do buy 2 at the same time then you will automatically receive a 10% discount off both bikes. This stands for both current price listing and futures ones. These bikes were designed to be sold in pairs and compliment each other well as any good partnership should.

Thanks for reading

50 Electric Bikes Team

dave and moira picking up electric bike at 50 electric bikes

Hello, Just to let you know Moira is very pleased with her bike. We went for a 20 mile ride today and it worked perfectly. She cruised up 2 big hills that worried her on the Agattu and she found it very comfortable and responsive. Well worth the wait. You have produced a very smart and well finished bike that must be the best step through bike in the country, specially for just over ยฃ3,000. Well Done.ย 

Dave and Moira

Owns Citywave 11g and trekking 11g

s11 locke's bike from 50 electric bikes


I attach an image of the new bike that I collected from you in Loughborough. I use it with the extra wheel trailer for pretty much everything, including the supermarket shop. As you can see, I have already personalised it. It is attracting interest. Thanks


Owns Trekking S11

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50 Electric Bikes

50 Electric Bikes

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