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50 Electric Bikes Citywave 5G - 50Electric Bikes

Detailed walk around review video of latest model the 50 Citywave 5G at 50 Electric Bikes

Please enjoy the walk around video of our latest new model the 50 Citywave 5G

At 50 Electric Bikes, we have had some really positive independent reviews already which will be coming out in the new year.

Our electric bike set up is inspired from years of experience trying most of the ebikes on the market since 2003.

Over the last 24 month we have tried and tested 7 different motor system, tried 23 different transmission set ups and created over 100 Frankenstein bikes.

This testing has boiled down to our 4 key models being developed which are available to order right now on our website linked below.

When you place an order you will be contacted to make sure you have chosen the right bike for your needs and help make any adjustments before delivery or collection. We have a few spaces left for our allocations in early February.

For most of our customers an electric bike is a second family vehicle or a replacement car. So it has to be powerful and reliable.

In most cases we have over specificied your bike so that it will last longer lasting with fewer servicing requirements with parts and accessories for each of the models available at all times being the manufacturer.

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There is no better equivalent bike on the market that matches our performance to price to specification ratio. We at 50 Electric Bikes have done all the hard yards for you so you do not have to. We know there is no better ebike on the market for you.

Each bike is handbuilt for you, so any minor adjustments will be discussed after your purchase to guarantee that the bike you order is perfect for you just before delivery or collection.

Please let us know what you think and if you do have any question at all then please use the contact forms on the website, give us a call in the new year or open a live chat to ask our specialists any questions you may have right now.

Please enjoy the new product video review.

50 Electric Bikes

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