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Powerful Brose Motors: Best Choice for Electric Bikes in 2021

Undoubtedly, the best eco-friendly alternative to any other mode of transportation: Electric bikes or E-bikes are the top contenders! On a single charge, some e-bikes can take you over 50 miles with absolutely no trouble in driving whatsoever.

Electric bikes have picked up quite a name in European countries and E-bikes in the UK, that are tuned with Brose motors have increasingly become the go-to  bikes. Find best e-bikes in UK at 50 Electric Bikes.

Brose is the leading automotive manufacturer of electric bike motors, based in Germany, with operations running in over 23 countries and over 40 electric-bike manufacturing partners worldwide. Brose motors and drives have an incredible power range which allows them to make e-bikes capable enough to be the ideal choice for tasks ranging from mountain hikes to gliding effortlessly through heavy traffic in urban areas.

brose speed motor - 50 electric bikes

Brose Speed Motor

Brose Motors 101

The quieter belt drive and smooth motor assistance are considered the signature features of Brose motors. Considered to be one of the best globally, brose motors can efficiently deliver broad range of power and natural feeling smooth ride due to its quality internal belts that also deliver noise-less performance. 

Brose motors have a distinct range of drive systems with 7 different motors; open-source battery for variable battery placement choices and 3 different displays for the more customizable frame design. Allowing e-bikes manufacturers to work with the overall display and battery design features on their own accord, as seen among the e-bikes on

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Brose consistently keeps upgrading their motors which are also one of their many appealing attributes. We often use the following versions of motors by Brose:

Brose T Motors

Delivering smooth performance with quieter internal belt drive, Brose T motors are definitely the dominant one among its counter drive systems. Users get to choose a particular setting for various tasks via the same T motor, making it possible to go off-road for adventure or a peaceful bike ride all with the same motor.

Brose S Motors

  • Brose S is incorporated with 15% more power capacity than Brose T version.
  • Displays Brose signature features of noiseless and smoother motor assistance.
  • Power range from 250 watts to 550 watts
  • Torque of 90 Nm.
  • Support up to 380 %
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